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The motivation of the BCSA and the AISC is to put forward their steel industries as legal, compliant and reliable. Significantly the UK/Europe and the USA have been able to keep poor quality fabricated steelwork (and sections, bolts, and consumables) to a very minor level because of quality issues shown up by a compliance environment.

The UK scheme is legislated through CE Marking (which affects all European steelwork fabrication), whereby structural steelwork is considered a safety critical item and thereby mandatory. The AISC scheme is voluntary.

What has it meant for these countries?

  1.  The quality fabricators have been rewarded for their skills.
  2. It has provided a pathway for fabricators to advance through construction categories.
  3. It has minimalised substandard non-compliant or fraudulent product from overseas.
  4. It has dissuaded the ‘unqualified’ fabricator with non-compliant process or procedures to undertake inappropriate projects.
  5. Constructors produce compliant structures with reduced rework.