Home AS/NZS 5131 Structural steelwork – Fabrication and erection


AS/NZS 5131 contains essential information for the fabrication and erection of compliant steelwork in Australia

In summary:

  • It is philosophically based on the European standard EN 1090.2
  • Contains existing fabrication/erection provisions from AS 4100
  • Contains elements of scope covered by other international Codes of Practice
  • Addresses product conformity
  • DOES NOT address Conformity Assessment, which will be covered by a separate framework developed by ASI
  • Introduces the concept of ‘Construction Category’ (which will likely be put into AS 4100 when next revised)

The scope of AS/NZS5131 includes:

  • Product and fabrication covered by AS 4100 and NZS 3404
  • Product and fabrication covered by AS 5100
  • Product and fabrication covered by AS/NZS 4600 (in part)
  • Good practice as defined by industry experts on the Standards Australia Committee BD-01