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What will fabricators need to do to be certified?

  • Undertake a web-based ‘gap analysis’ to identify your current level of conformance to the particular Construction Category you wish to be certified to.
  • Where required, work with the ASI and accredited trainers to ‘fill the gaps’. For many fabricators with good systems in place and working to Australian Standards, there will be little additional required.
  • Once ready, be audited by an accredited certifier and obtain your certification to the nominated Construction Category.
  • Maintain the certification with annual audits.

How does SCA certification benefit fabricators?

Fabricators will benefit enormously from a ‘level playing field’ and being able to differentiate capability based on the chosen certification level. The ASI will provide various support services including training, documentation and reference to third-party support where required. Your certification status will be listed on this website for industry reference.

What will engineers need to do to ensure structural steelwork compliance for their projects?

  • Nominate the Construction Category for a particular structure or component thereof. In most instances this will be obvious and already established through industry best practice and guidance from the ASI and/or other professional bodies.
  • Ensure that, for the scope of work for which you are contracted, the construction specification has suitable wording to reference the COP/Standard and the necessary project-specific detail selections. In most cases, the scope already covered in the COP/Standard will allow project specifications to be much simpler and to be ‘standardised’.
  • Check the submittals for materials and fabrication to confirm conformity. Since fabricators are certified, much of this is already configured.
  • Provide your project specific certification as is currently required.

How does SCA certification of fabricators benefit engineers?

The benefits to the engineer are significant, with a known and defendable industry accepted compliance scale for project specific selection and, in effect, a national prequalification system that packages project compliance for straightforward review and sign-off.