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Most fabricators who have been successfully through an ISO 9001 certification audit will have an effective management system and so will be well on the way, or if they have AS 3834 Certification, or a government agency pre-qualification e.g. RMS or TMR for major or minor works, they are likely to be audit ready for one or more categories.

Fabricators who have been working on their business management system and/or their quality management system and related procedures and processes, will similarly be well on the way to audit ready.

SCA recommends that any fabricator interested in being certified to the Scheme, makes application here.

On receipt of the application, the SCA Manager will make contact and discuss the process in detail. Based on the information provided during the subsequent conversation and the data provided with the application, the SCA Manager will be able to advise the fabricator of their audit readiness and the next steps that will need to be taken.

That may be to progress to the Stage 1 Audit (Desktop) or alternatively to undertake some further preparatory work before recommencing the process.

Audit ready does not mean that certification to a preferred Construction Category is guaranteed, but it will mean that the audit process will provide the fabricator a defined pathway to certification to the preferred level.