Steelwork Compliance Australia

Purpose of the SCA

The objective of Steelwork Compliance Australia is to provide quality compliance certification for the supply, fabrication and erection of structural steelwork to be used in Australia, giving clients the ability to select steelwork fabricators who have been independently assessed as having capability to achieve compliance to the relevant Australian Standards required to complete the Construction Category for their project.

Quotes from SCA certified fabricator companies

Undergoing CC2 certifications in accordance with AS/NZS 5131 has resulted in many tangible benefits for Central Engineering.

Given we already had fairly extensive documented quality control procedures and systems in place before we started our CC2 certification process, it was easy to believe there would be little benefit.  That has proven not to be the case for Central Engineering.

Improved quality compliance – identification of job specific quality standards commences at the tender stage where we document the required project quality standards from the tender documents, priced accordingly by all suppliers, subcontractors and Central Engineering and creating a check list for project delivery.  This reduces sub standard work, reduces rework, reduces customer dissatisfaction, improves budget outcomes because the right quality was priced in the first place, etc.

Improved traceability and record keeping – when the customer asks for mill test certificates or any other QA information it is all there and we don’t have to go looking for it – saves time and ensures our suppliers are up to the right documentation standard.

Improved efficiency – having good systems in place and all project information readily accessible by everyone makes for improved efficiency.  Searching for a critical email or paint system is very quick.

Obtaining CC2 certification is one of the best decisions we have made.  We are completing our work with less risk, greater quality, more efficiently, with less frustration, with happier customers and meeting our budgets more often.  Great outcome.

Kevin Johnson, Managing Director, Central Engineering

The SCA provides the construction industry with certainty that certified fabrication companies have the capability to produce to the compliance requirements of the appropriate Australian Standards to the relevant Construction Categories as outlined by the engineer.

Manage your risk

The companies listed on this website have completed certification according to the Construction Category indicated in their listing and are committed to undergoing regular audits to maintain this certification.


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The Certification Process

Below is the basic process we follow in order to certify a steel fabrication company.