Steelwork Compliance Australia

Purpose of the SCA

The objective of Steelwork Compliance Australia is to provide quality compliance certification for the supply, fabrication and erection of structural steelwork to be used in Australia, giving clients the ability to select steelwork fabricators who have been independently assessed as having capability to achieve compliance to the relevant Australian Standards required to complete the Construction Category for their project.

Quotes from SCA certified fabricator companies

Has Steelwork Compliance Certification through SCA helped your business?

“The playing field has become even. We now know if we are beaten by a competitor, they are quoting on the same quality standards  and technical requirements”.

“If there was no compliance requirement in Government work we would see backyarders getting work that they really would not be capable of doing.”

“We now have confidence in the future and have invested in our business. Steelwork Compliance (per SCA) is good for us as it has removed local and overseas poor / inadequate quality fabricators supplying non-conforming product.”

The SCA provides the construction industry with certainty that certified fabrication companies have the capability to produce to the compliance requirements of the appropriate Australian Standards to the relevant Construction Categories as outlined by the engineer.

Manage your risk

The companies listed on this website have completed certification according to the Construction Category indicated in their listing and are committed to undergoing regular audits to maintain this certification.


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The Certification Process

Below is the basic process we follow in order to certify a steel fabrication company.