JAS-ANZ Accredited

SCA is now JAS-ANZ accredited

JAS-ANZ Accreditation

Steelwork Compliance Australia (SCA) has been audited and awarded JAS-ANZ Accreditation on the 23rd August 2022, for auditing to the full scope of AS/NZS 5131 (Steelwork Fabrication & Erection) and is currently the only Certifying Body with accreditation to the entire standard.

With SCA as the single Certifying Body to utilise the National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme (NSSCS), the supply chain now has another level of surety that services provided by SCA are approved and monitored by JAS-ANZ.

Important changes to National Construction Code 2022 (NCC)

The latest revision of AS 4100 now references AS/NZS 5131 Structural Steelwork – Fabrication and Erection. As a result, AS/NZS 5131 is set to become law, with the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 revision due to be published in October 2022. 

De-risk your projects

By engaging an SCA Certified Fabricator, Clients, Building Contractors and Engineers are de-risking their projects significantly. Certified fabricators that have been audited fully to AS/NZS 5131 and Certified to demonstrated elements, are listed on the SCA website, ensuring currency of certification is easily verified. 

Start the journey towards certification

Gaining your certification will demonstrate to clients your ability to fabricate and erect structural steelwork in accordance with AS/NZS 5131.

SCA certification de-risks the construction industry by providing certainty that certified fabricators have the capability to produce compliant products and services to the relevant Construction Categories as outlined by the contract specification.

For more information contact: sca@scacompliance.com.au